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17 () APPLICATION FOR VISA (CONFIRMATION OF VISA ISSUANCE No : 1. Surname) 3. 4. Gender M F PHOTO 3.5 4.5 2. Given Names 5. Date of Birth 6. Nationality 7. Country of Birth 8. Home Address 9. Phone
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What is the Korea Visa Application?

Although Korea is such a controversial country to visit many people still are interested in making a trip and seeing it for many purposes. Anyway, such trip requires a visa. Everyone must collect all necessary documents and submit the Korea Visa Application. It is one of the key documents in the whole process of obtaining Korean visa.

What is the Korean Visa Application for?

There are different types of visa for individuals who want to visit this country. It can be a business, student or travel visa. You choose the type according to the purpose of your trip. However, there are some categories of people who can enter the country without visa. They are the transit passengers, people who have the tickets to the EU island, who have already visited Korea too many times or those who have diplomatic or official passports. All other travelers must file the application for visa.

When is the Korea Visa Application Due?

The application must be sent to the embassy as soon as you need it to be sent. You can set your own deadline taking into consideration your traveling plans. However, the sooner the application is filed, the better it is.

Is the Korea Visa Application Accompanied by Other Documents?

There is a set of documents that must be prepared along with the application. Provide your international passport that remains valid for 6 months after the trip ends, 1 color photo, the balance sheet from your bank, the letter from your employer where the position and salary for the last 6 months are indicated.

What Information do I Include in the Application?

In this application, you must provide your personal information. Indicate your name, date and country of birth, nationality, home address, contact information, passport details, marital status, information about your spouse, purpose and potential date of entry, your sponsor and the list of the countries you have visited for the last 5 years. Make sure everything is written without mistakes.

Where do I Send the Korea Visa Application?

After you have collected all documents and completed the application, send it to the Korean embassy or to its representative office according to your location.

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